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Dee McLean Art

Owner/Principal: Dee McLean

East Finchley Connection: My co-author Louisa Green lives in East Finchley and I live in Dartmouth Park and use the services in East Finchley, especially UOE who have been fantastic in helping us get our book out through lockdown!

Category: Art and Books

What do you do?
We have written, designed, illustrated and photographed a book for families ‘There’s Something About Wallace’, the lockdown love story of the two swans on Hampstead Heath who became famous through a piece Louisa wrote for the local press.

I am a designer, painter and writer exploring the relationship between our landscapes and ourselves. Louisa is an immunologist working at the Royal Free who, in her spare time, is a photographer and the volunteer who looks after the swans on the Heath.

Find me at www.deemclean.co.uk

Craig’s world

Owner/Principal: Craig Johnson

East Finchley Connection:
I grew up in East Finchley and it remains my inspiration.

What do you do?
I make prints and aluminium prints ready to hang and sell to collectors and architects worldwide.

I have been taking photographs for over 21 years.  My inspiration comes from my village of East Finchley and other artists such as Greg Crewdson, Tim Burton and Anne Hardy.

My main photography has been taken on my trips to Hampstead Heath, Cornwall and The Lake District where the scenery is breathtaking.  
My Grandfather was a keen photographer and so I have a very artistic family background of artists and authors. 

I was trained at Barnet College for my GNVQ ADV Media in photography in 1999 and at Middlesex University where I studied my Masters in Moving Image & Interactive media after my BA HONS in Photography.
Currently, I work as a key-worker with vulnerable people suffering Complex Mental Health needs so my photography is a good way to relax and unwind…

Find me at www.etsy.com/uk/shop/CraigsWorld

Craig (@craigsworld2) • Instagram photos and videos

Embroidery by Celia

Owner/Principal: Celia Grenville

East Finchley Connection: I’m a local resident and moved to Long Lane in November 2019 and prior to the pandemic would visit our local pubs and coffee shops and thanks to the East Finchley Community Facebook Group, discovered Cherry Tree Wood, which has been a great place to stretch my legs when not stitching!

What do you do?

I run an online embroidery shop, selling everything from Christmas tree decorations to home décor, and even personalised napkins.

I’m one of the excluded costume freelancers out of work since the beginning of this pandemic; I used my career skills and crowd funded to create scrubs for Barnet hospital.

During the evenings, I found myself stitching embroidery gifts to surprise my fellow theatre colleagues to spread a little joy; those whose performances I couldn’t see, or icons from projects I met them through.

This turned out to be a sort of calming therapy and kept me mentally healthy, so I continued to grow my collections.

I have seen a special movement begin to support local or smaller businesses this Christmas and think it is a wonderful thing and will be supporting it 100%. I want to be part of this by offering my embroidery services, be it Christmas tree decorations, home décor or personalised napkins.

I have an Etsy account and a website that I am constantly updating with new creations. If you have an idea, please do not hesitate to contact me and we will create something bespoke and personal for you. I can’t wait to work with you! 

10% off your first order and free delivery (would love to safely deliver in person too)

Find me online at: www.embroiderybycelia.co.uk

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/embroiderybycelia



Wheeler made It

Owner/Principal: Alex Wheeler 

East Finchley Connection: My studio is based in N2 and I live here with my partner and our dog. 

What I do

I design and make unique art and accessories as well as working in theatre and broadcast media productions as a costume and set designer. I’m inspired by all sorts of things; things I see when I’m out walking, things I read in the news, colours I see.

I’ve also started selling a range of art and gifts from other artists so I’ve got lots of lovely options for Christmas. I’m lucky to have customers all over the world who buy from my website.

For East Finchley customers I offer a collection option from my studio just off the High Road.

Find me at www.wheelermadeit.com