Zoom video conferencing has really taken off during the Covid 19 pandemic and it was really popular before that!

Since March 2020, Zoom hosted 200 million daily meeting participants and in April it reached 300 million in December 2019 it was 10 million.

N2United Zoom Meetings

Our meetings are currently taking place via Zoom due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.
Zoom is the preferred videoconferencing platform for N2United virtual meetings and to get the most out of it and the meeting; we ask that you follow these simple rules so we all have a safe and enjoyable meetings.

The waiting room
You’ll enter the ‘waiting room’ and be shown in to the meeting by one of our hosts.
As there have been occasions for some companies using Zoom, meetings can be ‘high-jacked’ by unwanted visitors. To avoid this and to ensure our meetings remain safe and on topic, you will only be admitted if you’re on the guest list so please confirm your attendance via the RSVP for the meeting of via the Facebook invite.

Mute your audio
If it is not already muted, please mute your microphoen, you can un-mute when you’re invited to speak

Change your participant name
Change your participant name (in the viewing window) to something we can call you, like your name, if not there can be a lot of participants called ‘ipad’ or ‘iphone 2’ which can get confusing!

During the set speaking elements (30 Second Introductions, Elevator Pitches, Soapbox and when the Guest Speaker is talking at the right moment, you will be invited to speak so wait to be invited so everyone can hear you and we don’t talk over each other. You’ll need to ‘un-mute’ your microphone for this.

More Zoom tips
There are lots of other useful tips including how to get the hosts attention or send messages including the ‘wave’ emojis’, the guides below should help or just Google ‘How to use Zoom’ or find similar help on YouTube.

Here’s a handy guide from Zoom, see you at the next meeting!

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