N2United Meetings

‘Community and Business’ Meetings for East Finchley

We meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month and you’re welcome at any of our fun, informative and lively meetings whatever their focus.

Everyone invited, everyone united!

Bringing together East Finchley Businesses, Organisations, Shops, Cafes, Restaurants, Traders, Freelancers, Groups, Charities and Agencies to share, develop & raise the profile of living & working in our community.

Membership is free to join and without any ongoing fees!

N2United Community and Business Network

‘Community Matters’ Meetings

Community Matters’ meetings are free for the various Organisations, Groups, Charities and support Agencies (Council, Police, NHS etc.) working on behalf of East Finchley.

We get together, share ideas and gain support for our respective objectives.

‘Business Matters’ Meetings

Business Matters’ meetings are free for Business Owners and Managers of East Finchley Businesses, Shops, Cafes, Restaurants, Traders, Freelancers including all those working from home or starting a new business.

We swap leads, provide business support and training, build business connections and connect you to a positive, supportive local network.

When do we meet?

We meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month* with meetings starting at 7pm.

For now, due to Covid-19 restrictions, some meetings will be via Zoom.

Meeting Agenda

Information about the topic for our meetings (for Organisations or Businesses) including the AGENDA & LOCATION is published in advance via email, on this website and through our social media channels.

Next Meeting:

December – Christmas Social – For Everyone!

Have a drink, reflect and look forward to happier times with your supportive community and business network.

Please register by emailing join@n2united.co.uk to receive the Zoom link, or respond to the event on our Facebook page.

Free to join and without ongoing fees!

N2United Meetings 2021

January 14th – Everyone invited!
February 11th – ‘Community Matters’
March 11th – ‘Business Matters’
April 8th – ‘Community Matters’
May 13th – ‘Business Matters’
June 10th – ‘Community Matters’
July 8th – ‘Business Matters’
August – Holidays!
September 9th – ‘Community Matters’
October 14th – ‘Business Matters’
November 11th – ‘Community Matters’
December – TBC

Bringing together local Businesses, Organisations, Shops, Traders, Freelancers, Groups, Charities and support Agencies to share, develop & raise the profile of living & working in East Finchley.

Get your Free listing on our directories and special listings like N2Unique and help the community find your Organisation or Businesses.

Meeting exceptions

* There are a few exceptions to our ‘every 2nd Thursday of the month‘ meeting frequency including holidays (typically August) and when we combine our meetings for specific, social events (including Christmas).

Recently, like a lot of Businesses and Organisations, our meetings have been affected by Covid-19 so some meetings are via Zoom.

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Please Note:
N2United is an inclusive forum for all local organisations and businesses.
We are non-political and non-religious so be respectful. We reserve the right to cut you off or bar you from attending our meetings if we believe you are not following these rules or are offending in any other way!

Get Involved

Our meetings thrive on members involvement so if you fancy, get involved and promote your organisation or business.

Our meetings usually include the following features for you to get involved:

  • 30 second ‘Round Table’ introduction of you and your business.
  • Elevator Pitch’ – Tell us about your organisation or business and how the members of N2United can help you in 2 minutes or less!
  • N2United Soapbox’ – Use the N2United soapbox to speak for a maximum of 5 minutes on a subject of your choice to inform, entertain or educate.
  • Guest Speaker’ – Topics include training and tips (usually by invitation but you can propose a talk) – Come and give a short talk or presentation on your specialist subject to entertain, enthral or educate your fellow members – Must be booked in advance!

* It’s OK too if you just want to listen…

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Supporting, serving and celebrating the unique community of East Finchley, London N2
N2United Community and Business Network