Jobs & Employment

The current coronavirus crisis has created up a number of job opportunities in the area over the next 12 weeks to cope with the surge in demand as people prepare to self isolate, including:

Tesco Stores
Tesco Stores are recruiting 20,000 people to meet coronavirus panic-buying demand and help re-stock shelves amongst other employment opportunities –

Asda, which is owned by US supermarket giant Walmart, is looking for 5,000 new staff and is working with more than 20 national companies in food services and travel to take on staff in need of work –

Co-op is taking on 5,000 new staff –

Aldi is looking to hire 5,000 temporary and 4,000 permanent new members of staff – via its recruitment website.

Lidl has said it will recruit 2,500 workers on four-week contracts over the coronavirus outbreak –

Morrisons Supermarkets
Morrisons Supermarkets also have a range of job openings –

Most roles will be for the next 12 weeks, while everyone is self-isolating, but could become permanent or last as long as the virus does.