Notes: November 11th November 2021

After the usual ’round table introductions’ we heard from a range of local community organisations and businesses which was followed by a general discussion about how we can support each other and keep improving East Finchley.

We heard from:

TaxAssist Accountants – Drazen Coric
The recent budget announcement outlined the Health and Social Care Levy bill which will provide for a 1.25% levy which is payable on earnings/profits. This will impact businesses, the self-employed, employers and employees and will be enforced on 1st April 2022. For advice you can contact Drazen Coric at

EFOA (East Finchley Open Artists)- Peter Hale
The lockdowns had prevented the group’s yearly main event where they showcase their art in open houses. The change in circumstances gave them the opportunity to revamp their website, reaching not just the regular visitors but art appreciators from further afield.

N2 Noticeboard – Alison Roberts
A place to promote everything in N2!

East Finchley Pollinator Project “Let a hundred thousand flowers bloom”- Kate
The idea of the pollinator project draws on Pembrokeshire’s St. David’s Pollinator Trail
“Our bees, butterflies and hoverflies have suffered badly over the last fifty or so years, due to changes in land use because of modern farming methods, urban spread and new transport links” so there is great importance in creating “pollinator highways” in which the local community can get involved. A project like this will require community participation on all levels, and East Finchley is definitely a place where community spirit is strong enough to achieve this. There will be much more coming up if you’re interested in the project, including a Zoom meeting in late January 2022.
Set up your own nectar café
Get in touch at

Finchley Food Bank – more drop off points have been added, find your nearest one or get involved at

East Finchley Food Project – meals go to families and individuals who are struggling to make ends meet, elderly and isolated people, local homeless shelters and rough sleepers.
200 meals a week are distributed from Phoenix Cinema every Tuesday between 10.30am-12.30pm and operate on a trust basis, so nobody is excluded.

Barnet Age UK – Gillian Jordan
We still need lots of volunteers, especially as our client numbers are rising. Befriending, shopping, using skills for group activities, digital inclusion, walking buddies etc. Contact Volunteer Manager Lisa Robbins on 030 8432 1422.
On Sunday November 21st from 11am to 3pm Barnet AgeUK is holding a Winter Craft Fair at the Ann Owens Centre, Oak Lane N2 8LT. Raffles, Book launch, Christmas cards, home baking, tombola etc! All welcome!

Cllr Claire Farrier – runs dementia friends sessions, if you’re interested get in touch at

Sharmila Hume –
Recycling collection point for soft tube plastics. Also looking for part-time assistant, get in touch