La Gourmandise

Owner/Principal: Riad Achour

Location: 105 high road, N2 8AG

What is it?
A French café offering a selection of healthy salad, juices and sandwiches

Riad’s shop was previously a butcher’s, mostly delivering to restaurants. But butchering is not his main skill – he is a general chef, originally training with Marco Pierre White at Piccadilly’s Criterion – and when the butchery closed with the March 2020 lockdown, he decided for the future to morph into a patisserie, far more in keeping with his skills and knowledge.

Opening in February, La Gourmandise thrived immediately. Although everything is a challenge, from buying new furniture to menu printing, Riad is very excited about the relaxation of lockdown in May, and is planning to develop his menu further. Offerings will include French and English breakfasts, and combination dishes enabling patrons to choose a mixture of salads to accompany quiches, and fish and meat dishes. He is particularly excited about his hoped for introduction of roast beef and Yorkshire puddings on Sundays!

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