Miel de Lucie

Owner/Principal: Lucie Chaumeton

East Finchley Connection: N2 resident

What do you do?

We provide Honey, Jams, Chutney and Wax-based products.
I’m Lucie and I started making jam when I moved to Beech Drive in 2003 and found that a (sadly now defunct) plum tree came with the house. The jam cellar has been growing ever since, along with the fruit garden I planted. This includes Raspberries (from my grandfather’s garden in the beautiful Auvergne region of France), Redcurrants, Apple (mine and my kind neighbour Anna’s windfalls), Blackberries (likewise) and Gooseberries (on a good year).

In 2015 I bought my first beehive, and bees have been my passion ever since. I even sat four exams about bee health, bee anatomy, hive products and more, and now hold the Intermediate Theory Certificate from the British Beekeepers Association.

Because bees are almost as expensive as children to look after, I started selling my produce in 2015 in partnership with the wonderful East Finchley Open and since 2018 at Rachel and Jeremy’s annual NGS open garden on Twyford Avenue, and at the Martin School Christmas fair.

I don’t like food miles and I don’t have a ton of stock, so you won’t find an online shop or delivery options so just have a browse at what’s available and get in touch to arrange collection, I look forward to meeting you!

Find me at: www.mieldelucie.wixsite.com/website