N2Unique Launch!

We joined the #N2Unique campaign!

‘Shops, businesses and makers of N2!

With consumers now limited to shopping online for their seasonal gifts, we’d like to encourage everyone to shop local instead of resorting to the online retail giants – so we’d like to hear from you.
Are you making or selling unique gifts, can you offer local delivery deals – or vouchers for when you reopen?

From November, we’ll be spotlighting our local traders and building a free directory on our website to help the community continue to support their vital local businesses, as part of our #N2unique campaign.
Please tag us and use the hashtag #N2unique to be included, or DM us to find out more – and lets celebrate what makes N2 unique!’, more…

The Archer – November 2020

‘A spotlight is being shone on the unique shops, cafés and small businesses of East Finchley as part of a campaign to stimulate trade for local enterprises hard hit by the pandemic, particularly in the crucial run-up to Christmas.

The ‘#N2Unique’ campaign will provide a platform for news and information about the growing range of specialist shops, services and entrepreneurs, and encourage East Finchley residents to support them by shopping locally rather than from the dominant online giants. It’s also been conceived partly as a thank you to all the hard working stores and eateries
that served the community so well by staying open throughout the lockdown from March to July.

Shop locally
Nick Allan, chair of business network N2United, said: “East Finchley is acknowledged to be a special community of residents, businesses and organisations which saw everyone really pull together and make a real difference during the lockdown, in many cases changing lives.
“We want to reinforce that spirit with the continued support of the local community through the #N2Unique campaign.

Having re-started our local economy, we need to keep it going and to support all those new businesses, many of them local residents working from home, so they can thrive.
“If we keep the positive changes to local shopping habits alive we can avoid small businesses having to close or seeing the loss of local shops, so negative for our neighbourhood.”

Throughout November, N2United will be featuring some of East Finchley’s unique local shops and makers on their social media channels @n2united to provide inspiration for locally sourced seasonal gifts, and will be collating details on their website at www.n2united.co.uk/n2unique.
It’s hoped shoppers will use the #N2Unique hash tag to promote the area through social media and use it as a platform or identifier for sharing their own thanks to all those who fed and clothed us and kept us healthy and informed.’ – The Archer – November 2020